UCrawl Bar Crawl - Red Bank, NJ

Last year UCrawl Bar Crawl toured through the streets of Red Bank New Jersey. With 400+ UCrawlers, we stopped at 7 different bars in a 10 hour period while also causing some of the greatest traffic jams. The weather was great, the beer was cold, and we had an amazing experience. We can't wait to visit your city! Take a look at the video above to get a peek at the amazing time we had.

UCrawl Ball Crawl
St. Augustine, Florida

UCrawl Bar Crawl flew to St. Augustine Florida to sponsor the first annual Ball Crawl to benefit The Livestrong Foundation and testicular cancer. 3000+ miles, 200+ crawlers, and one amazing experience. Each bar our group of mustache adorning crawlers went to had amazing beers matched by equally great weather and hospitallity.

Check out photos from the event by clicking here