UCRAWL Bar Crawl is here to organize and coordinate the biggest most epic bar crawl your town has ever seen.  Unlike regular self guided crawls, UCRAWL believes in the more the merrier! Our awesome staff will guide you and the hundreds of crawlers to the best bars in the area.  Each location will have crazy drink specials specifically for everyone wearing the UCRAWL Pass. 

  • Purchase your ticket online or day of.
  • Receive your wristband, shirt, and map.
  • Scour the city for bars and drink responsibly!

Your Ticket:

Your ticket will get you in every bar on the crawl and get you drink specials and giveaways all day long. Be sure to print out your ticket(s) for check-in (Don’t be that guy/girl who slows down the line).

Didn't Pre-Order A Ticket?

While we encourage you to purchase your tickets before the day of the crawl, we will be selling tickets day of. (They will cost a little extra, but hey, that’s what you get for procrastinating).


UCRAWL Bar Crawl always teams up with a charity.  We believe in community and we love to do a “CHEERS for CHARTIY” at each bar!  A portion of proceeds will go directly to the charity of choice.  Join us in giving back.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Crawl?

Every crawl we host, we cater to the 21+ crowd.  ID’s will be checked during check-in.